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Atrazine 50% WP

A Selective Herbicide

Controlled :
Narrow and broad leaf weeds and also kills the germinated weeds.

Crops : Maize, Bajra, Sugarcane, Potato.

Dose Per Acre : 500 gm.


Butachlor 50% EW

A Selective, Systemic & Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Controlled :
Annual grasses, sedges and broad leaf weeds.

Crops :
Transplanted Rice.

Dose per Acre : 1 Ltr.


Metsulfuron Methyl 20% WP

A Selective Post-Emergence Herbicide

Controlled :
Broad leaf weeds in the standing crop.

Crops : Wheat

Dose per Acre : 8 gm.


Clodinafop-Propargyl 15% WP

Selective Post Emergence Herbicides

Crops :

Dose per Acre : Flag  160gms


Pretilachlor 50% EC


Perfect is a pre-emergence herbicide (Containing Pretilachlor) for control of grasses, sedges and some broad leaf weeds in transplanted Rice. Perfect provides excellent selectively on all known varieties of Rice. No adverse effect like stunting or yellowing of crop, rather gives greening effect to the crop.

Crops: Paddy

Recommended Dose/Acre: 400-600ml/acre

Application: Spray evenly in standing water from 0 to 5 day after transplanting.

Packing: 5 LTR, 1 LTR & 500 ML

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